( Lyrics : R.Smeets & P. Cremer / Music : Peter Cremer )

Since I was born I was a crazy fucking Rebel
A weekend Warrior who broke the Law
Was a preacher in the Name of Heavy Metal
so start to scream, to scream, to scream and roar
Now I am back, and the Devil leaves his throne
Raise my fist up to the hot burning sky
Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal
is the Religion until we will Die
NobodyNobodyNobody can tame me
NobodyNobodyNobody can tame me
I don´t wanna be and believe me it´s true
I don´t wanna be a cook sucking asshole like you
look in the mirror, tell me what you, what you see
a dirty old motherfucker, that´s not what I wanna be
NobodyNobodyNobody can tame me ( 4x )
And when the time is come to say goodbye
you never will see a single tear
I stood strong in life for all the time
and that´s for the next 100 years….
NobodyNobodyNobody can tame me ( 4x )